From general computing support, to a full range of websites and marketing, PcKernow is available to support you at home and your business.
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Pckernow Here For You

Pckernow has been a reliable provider of computing support in the South East of Cornwall for over fifteen years. We are always there to support your business, create you a fun engaging website, or market your social media work.

Give Pckernow a call for all of your computing needs: Tel: 0773 6305009


PcKernow is a friendly computing company covering Devon and Cornwall.

At PcKernow we offer a range of services focusing on websites, hosting, computing support and social media marketing.

Our company has grown to offer a range of support options, so if you are looking for the promotion of your business online, or a just an upgraded computer, PcKernow can support you with a friendly service, and a reasonable, no hidden cost solution.

  • Websites
  • Cloud Computing, Including Microsoft 365
  • Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO)
  • New and Upgraded Computers
  • Security software and advice
  • Software installation
  • Soical Media Marketing and advice
  • Printers, Scanners, Camera support

PcKernow has over fifteen years experience offering computing support throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Whether you are a business looking for reliable, friendly comuting support, or a home user looking for some Interenet Security advice, then PcKernow has it covered for you.

We install desktops, laptops, printers, cameras, to be honest anything you need to meet your computing needs, Pckernow can provide and install.


Our fast growing website business, with social media and search engine optimisation, (SEO) means your website will turn site visitors into customers for your business.

PcKernow offers a range of services for your website, from the purchase and creation of a website, to managing the marketing and search engine optimisation so your customers can find you.

PcKernow websites are secure, and hosted with a reliable network that keeps your website online.

If you are considering a new website, we’ll take you through the design, and setup, so you get the website that you want for your business and meets your customer needs.


PcKernow is pleased to be offering a range of marketing services to South East Cornwall. We provide bespoke plans to increase your business reach, from social media, video content, and Search Engine Optimisation.

PcKernow is proud to be offering social media marketing. Promoting your company online, so your social media posts attract new customers, at a time that is right for you, and them.

Getting your social media presence right is so important, so it has the impact, catches the eye, and gets the response.

PcKernow now offers a range of services to help you manage your social media content, so you can manage your business.


Networking requires experience, with strong security, reliable Wifi, and good data sharing. PcKernow has over twenty years of experience, to deliver the computing system your home and business needs. From Plymouth, and across Cornwall, PcKernow will work with you, to make sure your investment in computing, delivers results, keeps customers, and the family happy.

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    Remote Support

    Pckernow is pleased to offer remote support to residents, and businesses. Using a range of software, we can, with your permission, connect remotely to your computer, and help you with your computing problem. Remote Support – Do’s and Dont’s. Remote computing support is a valuable tool, which allows computing support to happen, without having to…

  • Password Complexity

    Password Complexity

    Customers often ask how to make their passwords secure, while remembering them, or avoiding the need to write them down. One of the simple ways is to use a favourite phrase, or sentence, joining the words with a special symbol like a ‘-{}()_£ Passwords should ideally include a number, Capital and lowercase letter, with a…